The ALS-profi convinces with a full range of functions and gets expensive load peaks under control. The parameterization (max/min, on/off, switching, or cycle times) can be specified individually, fixed, or variable for each consumer to adapt the load management so individually to your requirements.


  • peak load optimization and load management
  • integration of e-mobility charging infrastructure
  • photovoltaics optimization
  • storage technology optimization
  • intelligent integration of all consumers and processes


  • reduction of expensive peak loads
  • no compromises in comfort, quality, and safety
  • reliable for decades of use
  • simple assembly and installation
  • manufacturer-independent integration into existing infrastructure
  • modularly expandable and scalable
  • simple and intuitive operation
  • data basis for operational energy management (ISO-50001)

Technische Details

  • Peak load optimization & load management regular + §19 atypical/electricity intensive
  • E-Mobility load management up to 32 charging points per controller (expandable by slave controllers)
  • PV surplus and in-house optimization
  • PV park control > 100 kWp (full and excess feed-in)
  • Battery storage integration
  • Recording of up to 40 external meters (Modbus RS485, Modbus TCP/IP, M-Bus, etc.)
  • Master-slave configuration
  • Load/reference measurement via a converter (meter module optional “z”) or via coupling relay or external meter
  • Control of conventional electrical consumers via potential-free contacts
  • 4 analog inputs for measurement/recording of measurement, sensor and environmental data, optionally 0-10V, 0(4)-20mA, Pt/Ni1000 (jumper)
  • 12 digital inputs/outputs freely parameterizable as consumer outputs max. 8, 24VDC/25mA, or as inputs 24VDC, 8mA verz., 10mS (25Hz.) for EVU working and synchronous pulse,
  • standard 8 consumer outputs 24VDC, expandable to 128 individually parameterizable consumer groups via intelligent bus substations (RS-485 and/or Ethernet TCP/IP)
  • Switching commands via data interface to Dupline, EIB/KNX
  • Ethernet TCP/IP 100BaseT on RJ-45 (Modbus RTU v. TCP/IP) for integration in IT network, integrated webserver