With Aski, you have a complete solution at hand with which energy-efficient and environmentally conscious operation of complex buildings and plants is no longer a vision of the future, but a reality. The flexible and modular system design of Aski offers you a solution that adapts optimally to your circumstances and fits seamlessly into your existing infrastructure. Our staff will be happy to advise you on your optimal solution.

Smart Demand Side Management

ASKI takes over the monitoring and control of all loads to avoid expensive load peaks. Our platform optimizes your electrical loads in such a predictive way that load peaks do not occur in the first place.

  • predictive optimization of electrical loads
  • reducing peaks by up to 40%
  • smart algorithms customizable to match individual load structure
  • integrates with electrical loads independent of manufacturer

Energy Data Management

Real-Time Monitoring and Optimization

  • real-time dashboard with deep insights into consumption and costs
  • complete documentation of all data points
  • pointing out the additional potential for savings
  • gain ISO-50001 Certification

Short-term Storage

ASKI ensures the maximum economic utilization of your short-term storage.

  • storage of excess energy for peak scenarios
  • most economic utilization
  • full automated function and efficiency monitoring
  • supporting grid stability

Photovoltaic Optimization

ASKI achieves maximum economic efficiency of PV systems.

  • optimal utilization of excess energy
  • fully automated monitoring of functionality and efficiency
  • easily scales to entire PV parks
  • reducing energy costs through optimized in-house consumption

E-Mobility Integration

ASKI seamlessly integrates charging infrastructure into your energy system.

  • dynamic and predictive load management at charging points
  • customizable charging scenarios
  • scales to entire e-mobility parks
  • reducing up to 50% charging cost by smart charging

Smart Grid

ASKI supports your grid stability.

  • intelligent integrating of power generators, storage facilities and consumers
  • monetization of balancing energy
  • ensuring holistically optimized and reliable system operation
  • supporting the energy transition
  • “We believe in the necessity of the Paris climate targets and therefore offer sustainable, intelligent, and data-driven energy solutions. From the wall box including home storage and a photovoltaic system to the fast charging station - optionally with or without a storage system - we cover the entire spectrum around electromobility as a system provider. The ASKI energy management system optimizes the interaction of all our products and thus enables the optimal use of self-generated energy and also increases the efficiency of the entire system.”

    Robert Steinböck
    Robert Steinböck MOON Allmobil / Management Consulting, Product & Service