Aski is the result of over 30 years of development with a passion for technology and innovation. Through the continuous development of our technologies, we are always one step ahead and work on the latest pulse of time. The combination of Aski hardware controller and Aski software is used in over 10,000 plants worldwide and has been reliably optimizing the energy profile of many industries for many years.

In German-speaking countries, we have become the market leader in recent years and offer the leading complete solution in energy management.

Regardless of whether you are a company owner, plant operator, building services technician, or energy officer of companies – with the ISO 50001 certified Aski solution, both experts and non-experts are able to retrieve meaningful, traceable, and reliable data at the push of a button and optimize the energy profile. The energy transition and our ambition drive us to work together on a sustainable future every day.


The transformation to a CO2-neutral energy world, driven by the climate crisis, presents us all with completely new and previously unknown challenges. More and more companies, public institutions, and municipalities want to make an active contribution to climate protection. Aski accompanies you on the way to an optimal energy supply and always provides the best hardware and software solutions for you.

Based on the building management system, which is essentially responsible for the heating and ventilation of buildings, the term energy management system was established for the technology we have developed.

Our vision is to use Aski to convince every company to become strong for the future starting today.

Our promise to you:

  • ensure your security of supply
  • improve your supply stability
  •  achieve the highest possible level of efficiency in all energy use for you
  • meet increased requirements and regulations of the grid operators
  • support you with regulatory requirements regarding documentation and
  • reporting according to the Energy Efficiency Act
  • we make your contribution to climate protection as easy as possible


Our goal is to network and link all components relevant to energy supply across manufacturers and systems and to achieve maximum energy efficiency for you by means of end-to-end digitization, coordinated automation, and coordinated monitoring.

Our mission is your sustainable future.

  • “The future is electric. Using electricity intelligently is a basic prerequisite for a stable, efficient, and, not least, cost-optimized energy supply. New approaches and creative predictive technologies are needed to switch the energy supply to renewable energy sources without overloading the grids and to operate buildings in an energy-efficient way.”

    Franz Stabauer
    Franz Stabauer Founder and CEO of Aski Energy



We are always working on optimizing and developing the Aski system. We achieve this primarily through close exchange with our customers and their requirements, and consultation with manufacturers of components such as charging stations, inverters, short-term storage, meters, etc.

Through the close exchange with all market participants, we are always ahead of the curve.

In addition, we participate in research projects that develop possible future scenarios, such as the current Cross Charge Point project, in which surplus electrical energy is optimally distributed to long- and short-term energy storage systems to serve the transportation sector in particular. The CrossChargePoint acts as a virtual power plant (VPP), combining charging infrastructure with energy generation, conversion, and storage. The CCP provides simultaneous fast charging for electric vehicles (EVs) during periods of heavy transit traffic, as well as demand-side management (DMS) capabilities. In this way, the fluctuating demands from the transportation sector and consumption in the local power grid are met. The integration of electrolysis and power-to-gas (P2G) systems enables on the one hand the refueling of gas and hydrogen vehicles and on the other hand short-term and seasonal energy storage with different energy carriers.