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For businesses with multiple stores or locations, Aski offers a proven solution to centrally control energy management. In food retailing, Aski customers are already reducing energy and costs up to 40%.


For companies with multiple stores or different operating locations, Aski offers proven solutions to capture, record, analyze and optimize energy consumption. Using the example of refrigeration in food retailing, it has been shown that up to 40% of energy consumption can be saved.

Cross-location networking makes it possible to compare consumption data between locations and to create detailed performance evaluations. An automatic data retrieval and comparison system are set up across sites to provide live visualization of current consumption values. This enables a consistent cost overview of the energy consumption as well as an exact invoice control.

Goals and benefits for chain customers, chain stores

  • consumption and cost transparency of complete store networks
  • determine key figures
  • create benchmarks
  • permanent consumption monitoring and performance optimization
  • comparison of consumption between locations
  • detailed performance evaluations
  • online live data of current consumption values
  • cost overview and invoice control
  • use and integration of existing metering and measuring equipment
  • integration of different media
  • alarming in case of deviations
  • standardized evaluations
  • easy integration into existing IT infrastructure