energiemanagement bürogebäude


Whether hospitals, schools, leisure facilities, airports, or office buildings – Aski makes savings potential visible and ensures an optimal energy profile.


Accurate, reliable data is the basis for greater transparency and the foundation for identifying and realizing potential savings. High energy prices, rising cost pressure, and increasing awareness of environmental and climate protection are making energy efficiency an increasingly important topic throughout the public sector. The areas in which savings can be found and achieved through precise monitoring and controlling are many and varied. These range from power supply to heating and hot water generation to lighting.

Of course, considerable grid and green electricity costs can be saved by avoiding load peaks through ASKI Load Management. Investments in a combined ASKI system, therefore, pay for themselves twice as quickly.

Goals and benefits for municipalities, hospitals & administrative buildings:

  • recognition and analysis of savings potentials
  • avoidance of bad investments
  • avoidance of grid expansion
  • enabling charging infrastructure for electromobility
  • verification of savings results
  • accompanying control of efficiency measures
  • detailed cost allocation to administrative units
  • full automated data collection for energy accounting and certifications