Energieversorung am Einfamilienhaus


Renewable energy will be an integral part of single-family and residential homes in the future. Aski makes this future safer, more sustainable, more cost-effective, and tangible.


Renewable energies, charging infrastructure for electric cars, and battery storage are already relevant components in the power supply of a house today, and will probably be standard in all new buildings in the future. However, acceptance depends largely on the cost at which energy and technology are available. Therefore, especially in this area, it is important to pay attention to the effective use of energy and its optimal utilization. Without a superordinate system that links all relevant components, optimization is not possible and a lot of potentials is wasted.

The Aski system brings innovative solutions into play here, which are already paying off economically for every user.

Goals and benefits for owner-occupied homes:

  • savings in energy costs
  • reduction of energy consumption
  • lower grid connection costs
  • less green electricity contributions
  • reduction of emissions
  • use of self-generated electricity for household from also for charging
  • electric cars
  • storage of the surplus energy in battery storage or heat/cold storage