Are there interfaces to third-party systems?

We offer various interfaces for data exchange, e.g.: Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, RS485, RS232, FTP server and client, etc. We will be happy to advise you individually on your project. Contact Aski

Are there regular software updates?

Yes, regular updates with new functions and newly integrated components (charging station, inverter, storage, meter, etc.)

Can existing infrastructure and measuring devices be integrated into the ASKI system?

Yes, we offer a wide range of compatible meters, charging stations, inverters, storage, and conventional consumers. See our compatibility list.

Can the ASKI system be used in all industries?

Yes, the ASKI system can be used in all areas where energy plays a role.

Do you offer webinars?

Yes, we offer online training upon request. Please contact us.

Does the system support climate protection?

Yes, with the ASKI system the power grid is relieved by saved power. Active load management is one of the most important components to protect the power grid from overloads. It also supports the use of renewable energy, enables e-mobility, and supports the decarbonization of the energy system. Through ASKI systems, the energy system is digitized and energy consumption becomes transparent, enabling further analysis and scope for action.

How can I contact the support?

Support is available by email as well as by phone during normal office hours. Click here to go directly to support.

How can I get access to my energy data?

In addition to comprehensive energy management software that runs on the PC, monitoring of the object is possible via the My.Aski portal using the common browsers for smartphone, tablet, and co.

How much savings are possible with E-Mobility in combination with an ASKI system?

On average, a saving of 50% of the connected load is achieved per charging station.

How much savings are possible with PV systems in combination with an ASKI system?

The use of an ASKI system results in approx. 30% more financial return from the PV system by increasing the self-consumption share and up to 30% faster amortization time of the PV system.

How secure is my data?

All data is AES and SSL encrypted.

Is the ASKI system suitable for my particular operation?

Yes, we adjust each ASKI system individually to the customer’s requirements, the parameterization is specially adapted to the circumstances in each project.

Is the solution modular and scalable?

Yes, the controller serves as a central data platform for digitizing and synchronizing the measured values and for actively controlling consumers. A controller has a certain number of inputs and outputs that can be operated. When this number is reached, it can be extended without limit by a master-slave concept.

Is there a personal consultation?

Yes, we are happy to receive your inquiries. From inquiries in the pre-planning phase of future projects (project sketches are always helpful) as well as detailed questions about the realization of energy control solutions.

Arrange a consultation now.

Which charging stations, inverters and batteries can be controlled with the ASKI solution?

See our compatibility list.