Aski energy management software is perfectly matched to combine with Aski hardware and gives you a real-time overview of your energy status at any time. It also forms the basis for energy management according to ISO-50001.


  • Evaluate and analyze
    • detailed evaluation and complete documentation of consumption and costs
    • determination of key figures
    • automated creating and sending reports
    • analyzing load profiles
  • Optimize, control and monitor
    • full automated monitoring and optimization
    • real-time alert system when limits are exceeded
    • feed-in management of self-generated PV power
    • flexible load control
  • System installation, parameterization, and management
    • convenient installation and parameterization
    • administration of the entire energy management system
    • setting up optimization and monitoring functions
  • Live-Daten Visualisieren
  • Fully customized dashboards
  • online data from meters, counters, sensors, …
  • free selection of images, diagrams, process flows, …
  • real-time insight into all processes


  • ISO-50001 certified
  • all-In-One Energy Management
  • individually adapted to your infrastructure
  • easy to install and operate

Technische Details

The License Software – The On-Premise Solution

The database-supported and network-compatible software runs on virtually any conventional PC with a Windows operating system, but can also be installed as a service on a server for automated data management. Several clients can thus access a uniform database and, depending on their authorization, manage the system or evaluate or analyze data. At the same time, the clients can connect directly to the controllers and thus also have access to measurement, counting, and performance values at any time. This brings enormous advantages for the user in terms of system overview and data plausibility.

The MYASKI Portal – The Cloud Solution

Access via Internet portal with username and password. Extended monitoring with current measured values, historical energy flow data, graphical performance values as well as system monitoring and detailed analysis functions even for multiple sites.