The EcoController is designed to optimize your photovoltaic systems to the maximum. Through intelligent load management and the possibility to store surplus electrical energy as thermal energy in hot water boilers or heating buffers, up to 100% of the self-generated energy can be used by the EcoController itself.


  • optimization of own use through intelligent load management and targeted thermal use of surplus generation
  • complete and detailed yield documentation
  • continuous monitoring of functionality and efficiency


  • maximum own benefit with a yield increase of up to 100%.
  • less power purchase necessary
  • reliable for decades of use
  • simple assembly and installation

Technische Details

  • Home users and small businesses (< 50 kW or < 100 A)
  • PV surplus and in-house consumption optimization
  • Stepless heating rod control
  • E-Mobility instantaneous power limitation up to 4 charging points
  • Load/reference measurement via a converter (meter module integrated) or via S0/Modbus/M-Bus/Infrared interface
  • 4 analog inputs for measurement/recording of measurement, sensor and environmental data, optionally 0-10V, 0(4)-20mA, Pt/Ni1000 (jumper)
  • 12 digital inputs/outputs freely parameterizable as consumer outputs max. 8, 24VDC/25mA, or as inputs 24VDC, 8mA verz., 10mS (25Hz.) for EVU working and synchronous pulse,
  • Ethernet TCP/IP 100BaseT on RJ-45 (Modbus RTU v. TCP/IP) for integration in IT network, integrated webserver