The ALS-mini is the compact solution for the optimization of power peaks and convinces with its intelligent control concept for load management systems and customizable parameterization for your consumers.


  • peak load optimization and load management
  • dynamic and predictive load control
  • full automated optimization and efficiency control


  • reduction of expensive peak loads
  • no compromises in comfort, quality, and safety
  • reliable for decades of use
  • simple assembly and installation
  • manufacturer-independent integration into existing infrastructure
  • modularly expandable and scalable
  • simple and intuitive operation

Technische Details

  • 4 digital inputs 24VDC, 8mA verz., 10mS, (20Hz)
  • 8 relay contacts (changeover contacts 6A 250VAC, 6A 30VDC)
  • Synchronization with EVU or internal
  • Period duration 10, 15, 20, or 60 minutes
  • External tariff switching
  • Power optimization via period duration and/or instantaneous power
    Consumer parameterization: priorities, max/min switching and cycle times switching interval, hysteresis, alarm behavior, number of pulses, cyclic swapping, etc.
  • Variable clocking for optimal kitchen optimization
  • Display: current instantaneous power, period time, maximum current year, maximum last period, accumulated power, trend value, etc.
  • Ethernet TCP/IP 100BaseT on RJ-45 (Modbus RTU v. TCP/IP) for integration in IT network, integrated webserver